Sunday, 10 February 2013


Now that once-great Britain has chosen in law to falsify and corrupt the word 'marriage'--to legalise Sodom and Gomorrah--New Zealand will surely do the same. Official US figures show that even in that population only 1.7% is homosexual, so the normal lives of 98.3% or more of the population and the truth enshrined in English are to be turned on their heads to pander to a tiny minority. For no good reason at all. The abnormal lust to make a normal word abnormal so that they can call themselves normal, but they are wilfully blind to the fact that that it will not change their abnormality in the slightest.

Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed for their godless iniquity. New Zealand had a divine warning sternly laid upon it in Christchurch. The first warning was ignored, so the second was far more damaging. It too was ignored.

Singing 'God Defend New Zealand' then disobeying him will not come to good. When a nation turns to iniquity good is never the result. 'All who hate wisdom are in love with death,' God says Proverbs 8:6, and death--spiritual and literal--is what we will get. II Peter 2:6 lays it out plainly: 'God reduced the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah to ashes, condemning them to total ruin as an object-lesson for the ungodly in future days.'

God loves us and wants us to love him back, because he wants the best for us, and that is found only in him, in his love, in faith in his Son Jesus Christ. But when we return him hate for his love he will seek to bring us back to that love, for in that alone is life and life truly abundant. The nation that ceases to trust in God, that turns its back on God and instead turns to wickedness, and even writes it into its laws, will be punished--to turn it back to love. We ignore him at our peril.